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 Abode Design & Draft collaborates with clients and builders to create unique, sustainable and healthy homes and buildings inspired by nature

About Abode

Abode Design & Draft is a boutique design studio based in beautiful Denmark, WA.  Working closely with our clients, we create habitats for humans.  Whether the budget is tight and non- negotiable or the sky's the limit, we're here to help with all aspects of the design and build process.

Our architectural focus is on Sustainable, Passive design, which responds to, respects and supports the natural environment.  Our homes provide a sense of place and are positioned and designed to best fit their surroundings.  Biophilic and Vedic principles bring nature indoors, adding balance and harmony.  The result? Better performing, healthier homes and long-term cost savings for our clients.

About Natalie Wells, Director

A passion for the outdoors and a strong connection to land have taken Natalie around Australia and the world.  Having grown up in the Kimberley region of WA in the bush, on a sustainable off-grid property, she was influenced by the contrasts of such a beautiful and harsh environment, vast spaces and seasonal extremes.  From a young age, Natalie developed a unique understanding of the ways the natural environment affects living spaces and impacts humans.  She found that it was better to work with Mother Nature, rather than against her.

Tropical architecture transfixed a young Natalie.  She loved the diverse designs, from the Asian-inspired stilt houses in town to the humpies 'out bush', the lack of divide between indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as the use of natural materials like mangrove wood and local stone.  This built her understanding of the balanced interaction between natural and built living spaces.

Combining this early basis with inspiration from travel and more recent environments of the south and west coasts, Natalie designs unique homes and buildings for people to 'inhabit'. From tiny homes to commercial projects, urban areas to remote properties and with a knowledge of conventional and alternative building materials and techniques including BCA approved hemp methods, Natalie is up for any challenge!


Natalie is a certified Building Designer.  She has been building and renovating her own properties for over a decade and has extensive project management experience, with a special focus on contracts and tenders.

She understands the excitement, joys, anxieties and pitfalls of building, with a wealth of experience to guide and support her clients through the process.  Additional studies in Biophilic and Interior design and interests in Vedic design allow her to seamlessly blend clients needs with the natural and built environments to deliver harmony.  

This results in beautiful, cohesive and practical abodes that maximise the value of the natural surroundings and enrich their occupants' lives.

Sustainable, passive design image by Paul Hanaoka
Nat Wells | Abode Design and Draft
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Sustainable outdoor living
Mangrove wood Vedic design
Abode Design & Draft Biophilic Design
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Member of the Building Designers Association of WA inc.
 Partner of ISustain - a directory for Sustainable Construction
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